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The power of blessings and wellbeing

The power of blessings and wellbeing

What do you want to attract for yourself in 2022?

Without a doubt, you will say you want to be healthy, happy, successful and for life to be more fulfilling. But his does not happen by a chance.

Have you heard of the ‘law of attraction’? I first learned about it from Dipak Chopra and it turned my life around. From being anxious about my future, I now totally trust the universe to send me what I need and enjoy this life process that flows with love and joy.

When you are in this flow you will exude wellbeing, be resilient through adversity and enjoy success in what you love doing.

How do I do this you will ask.

The answer is in the power of blessings.
The following is an excerpt from Catherine Ponder’s ‘The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages’:

Do you Bless or Curse?

When something goes wrong do you bless it or curse it? Our natural reactions often lead us towards the negative, but that will only breed more negativity.

Blessings are a very powerful tool and bring instant success manifold. It is a very simple way to say a positive prayer for someone or something.

You can create your own blessings. When you are sending positive thoughts and vibrations towards a person they are much more likely to respond in the same way. It always has much better results than cursing them.

When to use blessings?

1. Anytime when you are angry at someone or can’t seem to settle a disagreement with them. In Catherine’s book, she cites several examples of people being paid debts owed to them once they blessed the debtor and saw them as prosperous and able to pay.

2. Any part of your body that experiences pain or illness can be blessed. You can bless yourself and your own emotions too.

3. A boss or co-worker who makes work life difficult may stop harassing you, once you have blessed them and the situation.

4. Always bless your bills and your creditors and thank them for the service they provide. Once you start doing that, you will always have the money to pay them on time.

5. Bless your travel plans and see them going smoothly.

6. Bless your taxes and politicians. Politicians need to be blessed with the wisdom to make the best decisions for all whom they serve. Blessing them will help much more than complaining about them.

7. Bless strangers you meet in the store. You can do this inside your head often as you shop.

8. Bless your relationships with your family, friends and significant others. Bless them when you feel they’ve hurt you. Relationships heal quickly after you stop worrying about the “wrong” someone had committed against you and begin blessing them.

You can bless any situation and if the act of blessing shifts how you feel about it, the changes it creates can seem magical.

“Bless a thing and it will bless you. Curse a thing and it will curse you.” If you put your condemnation upon anything in life, it will hit back at you and hurt you.
If you bless a situation, it has no power to hurt you and even if it is troublesome for some time, it will gradually fade out, if you sincerely bless it.

Always remember that happy people are not mean or rude, so send your blessings to those who treat others cruelly. If they turn happy, they will change their behavior and everyone will benefit.
Even if things don’t suddenly shift with the person or situation being blessed, you will surely feel better once you have blessed them.

If you could only love and bless enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world. Have a blessed 2022!

About Hansa Pankhania 

Hansa is an acclaimed author and a renowned coach and speaker on wellbeing, stress reduction and resilience. She is an expert in managerial and corporate wellbeing and has provided coaching and consultancy services to over 300 companies. Hansa’s passion is to help companies save money lost through stressful situations and develop mindful, thriving workplace cultures. She has published seven books including a series on  ‘Stress to Success’, as well as books for children. 

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