The phenomenal benefits of living an ecofriendly life

The phenomenal benefits of living an ecofriendly life

The online launch of Hansa’s latest book – Best Of One World – 60 Steps To A Sustainable, Meaningful And Joyful Life featured a Q and A session with the author. During this session, Hansa talked about how living sustainably can save money and boost your wellbeing, as well as that of our planet 

She started by asking the audience to reflect on their wellbeing concerns about the climate crisis, by picking a number between zero and ten. The overwhelming majority of replies answered between 5 and 8, highlighting the fact that is a big concern for most people.

Hansa then suggested that rather than worrying, we should adopt a solution-oriented approach towards an eco-friendly life and then gradually build on this. Best Of One World was written with this in mind and can be used as a companion to guide you on this journey.

“We can do more than whatever we are doing presently as individuals and we all can make a difference.  We need hope and reassurance that we can overcome this. So today we are coming together and together we can do this.”

Here is the rest of the transcript from the session:

Q – How will Best Of One World help our audience today? What difference will it make to their lives? 

Hansa – All of Best Of One World is about making a difference in people’s lives, as well as preserving our planet. I want the book to inspire you to live ‘lightly’ on the planet, so that we do not drain the planet of all its magnificence. It can also deepen your relationship with nature, as well as help you save money by reducing waste in your everyday living.

Q – What inspired you to write this book? What was the first spark that lit the path to this book being created?

Hansa – My conscience has been stirred for a few years, whenever I hear of the suffering caused by the climate crisis. I am not an environmentalist nor a climate change activist. I am just a regular mother and grandmother, who is very concerned about the future of her children, grandchildren and forthcoming generations. I also love nature and believe we are all connected. Therefore, a threat to other living species feels like a personal assault on me and my family. 

That is what inspired me to write this book. By writing and sharing my journey to stop these assaults, I feel I am taking control over this tiny corner of this vast wide world. I have no control over the destruction of the Amazon rainforest or marine life. However, what I do have control of is what I do or do not do in my daily life. This is why I embarked on the path to an eco-friendlier lifestyle. 

Q – I am sure our audience wants to know more about the content of the book.  Please take us through the chapters of the whole book.

Hansa – The book is in 4 parts which are Nature, Waste, Plastic and Connection.

Nature is four chapters that have tips on how to deepen and strengthen your relationship with nature, so you are less likely to destroy it. Waste is 6 chapters offering tips on how to cut out waste in all areas of life. Plastic is 4 chapters full of ways you can reuse, recycle, and reduce plastic waste. Finally, the Connection chapters contain tips on connecting with others, so we can all come together on this shared journey to make this planet a better place.

Q – You say that living sustainably is good for our well-being and finances. In the current cost of living crisis, how will your book help your readers?

Hansa – Best Of One World gives you many tips on planetary and personal wellbeing whilst saving pounds in your pocket. We should only buy what we really need, not what we want.

When I embarked on this path and did all of this, I discovered an extraordinary journey through a world of joy, I did not even know existed! I want all my readers and many more people to experience this joy over and above the enrichment of their finances, wellbeing and betterment of our beautiful planet.

Q – I am amazed that you have published 10 books and run a successful business. What are your intrinsic values that drive all this work?

Hansa – I always seek my truth, try to live my truth and so only write what feels true to me on my life journey.

I was not brought up to be materialistic, so I live a very simple minimalistic life. Every morning, when I wake up, I think about how I can make a difference and encourage people to unleash positive changes in their lives. So really, these are my core values, and all my books are inspired by those principles. My Books are a ‘means to an end’ which is to help people to live more fulfilling and healthy lives. With Best Of One World, I explore how we can do this within the interface of the climate crisis.

Q – What would you like to say in summary to all our audience?

Hansa – To conclude, I think it’s important to say that, instead of having ‘climate anxiety’ where you feel fearful and powerless, the book hands the power and control to you, helping you to map a plan of action, that suits you. 

It has an abundance of many small easy tips that you can use in your daily life, no matter how busy you are. If you are not sure about how you can make a difference to the climate change issues, then this book will provide all the answers. It will prompt you to take the first steps and many other steps after. If you have already made a start, then it will help you to build on this. It’s definitely a win-win for all!

About Hansa Pankhania

Hansa is a speaker, corporate wellbeing coach and author of 10 published books.

In her books, Stress To Success In 28 Days and Stress To Success Stories, she is passionate about sharing natural wellbeing techniques that are cost-free, and easy-to-implement but nourish your body, mind, and soul in powerful ways. 

 Her Chakraji Children’s Relaxation Series Of Books passes natural wellbeing tips to primary age children using colourful illustrations. 

She has also published her memoir Best Of Three Worlds about being born in Kenya as a British subject of Indian origin and the fusion of three histories and cultures. Her latest book – Best Of One World – 60 steps to a sustainable, meaningful and joyful life is now published and available through Amazon and her website.

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