Wellbeing Packages & Away Days

 We have all heard the ‘take more exercise, eat healthy’ speech whenever we discuss wellbeing. Our wellbeing packages and courses are not just about that. They are cutting edge, scientifically proven, nuggets of wisdom and principles that have been passed on for centuries.

Do you want to learn new and cutting-edge wellbeing methods?

Do you want to be more in tune with natural rhythms of the seasons?

Do you want to learn how to live more mindfully and aligned to your body type?

Wellbeing is not a difficult concept. We can all relate to it – the ability to be calm, healthy, creative, happy and fulfilled within ourselves. This has a direct impact on the people we love and are important to us.

Most people may believe that it is not possible to be in this state most of our lives but by reaching out for it, well-being will be yours for keeps.

This is through our organisation wide Wellbeing packages. These are tailored to the unique needs of each organisation and can include some of the following, as well as written guidance material and the development of a Wellbeing Policy:

Relaxation and Mindfulness practice in groups
Yoga/Pilates/Zumba classes
Nutrition and Lifestyle – Living in rhythm with nature approach
Exercise – without the need for gym membership.
Smoking cessation
Overcoming alcohol addictions
Onsite office massage

Wellbeing coaching and courses.

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