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  • Wellbeing Coaching, Stress Counselling for Individuals.

  • Wellbeing Projects for Businesses and Coaching for Managers. 

  • Books for Adults and Children on Wellbeing. 

Welcome to AUM Wellbeing Consultancy

Do you want a fresh, new powerful perspective on personal wellbeing and mental wellbeing at work, so that you are bursting with health, happiness and bouncing with energy?

Also, a workplace that is aligned to your true purpose so that you cannot wait to start work on a Monday morning.

We are your expert wellbeing partners who can make this happen for you.,

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After COVID-19 the work culture is changing. There is a dire need to put the heart and soul back into the corporate world so that it is collaborative, compassionate and creative, where wealth is produced by ethical means.

This means addressing the stresses and mental health issues now rampant as aftereffects of the pandemic. Every organisation with more than five employees has a legal duty to address stress/mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We can help you create a more engaged, healthy workforce, boost productivity and save money lost by those stressful situations you are experiencing at present. It has been found that every pound spent by employers on mental health interventions, such as stress management training, leads to a £5.00 return in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.

When we work together, we create a workplace which is a joy to be in, both for managers and for workers at every level. We help you to comply with the law as well as develop a more compassionate, ethical work culture that will lead to enhanced health and wellbeing at work.

Enhancing your reputation and rewards.

Escalating resilience, relaxation and rest.

Propelling productivity as well as peace of mind.

Overcoming challenges and chaos to regain control.

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AUM Wellbeing Books:

AUM Wellbeing Books came about from the desire to reach out to a wider audience. The books share scientifically proven mindfulness-based interventions, which have helped our clients to be stress free and successful.

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