MANAGERS- helping you and your organisation to be happy, healthy and high- performing.

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We offer stimulating one-to-one and group sessions that focus on improving the mental health and wellbeing at work of the individual manager, as well as how to stress proof teams.

What managers may not fully grasp, is that the health and wealth of their company is in their hands. Overwhelming evidence supports that healthy and happy workers are more productive, resilient, and innovative.

Is the wealth of your organisation slipping through your fingers? 

Many organisations are unaware of the actual costs to their business and of the dramatic savings that can be made by effective stress management and workplace wellbeing courses and initiatives at an early stage.

140 million working days per year are lost to sickness absence which costs £100 billion to the UK economy.  Additionally, 300,000 people exit the workforce annually due to ill health, adding further costs in benefits and loss of tax revenues. (CIPD Health and Wellbeing at work – March 2020)

Managers need to be comfortable having discussions about mental wellbeing at work and recognise they will often be the first port of call when a colleague has an issue.  

Managers are the metaphorical parents in the workplace. They are the influencers and catalysts. Therefore, senior leaders and line managers play distinct and crucial roles in creating a healthy workplace and improving stress management. The organisation’s ability to reap the benefit of its investment in this area, will be undermined if either management group is not fully on board.

It is imperative for leaders to take a proactive approach to stress management and mental wellbeing at work, create the right climate to encourage open discussion about stress, and forge pathways for working in partnership with their teams, to maintain a happy, healthy and high performing culture.

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