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Alternative Anger Management – How not to be angry in the first place

Alternative Anger Management- How not to be angry in the first place. I have written blogs before about anger management where I discuss a few simple techniques to deal with anger such as, breathe to 10, walk away, offload your feelings by writing them out, go for a brisk walk and so on. These are […]

There are many alternatives to alcohol!

I am listening to all the TV and radio debates on government proposals to increase the cost of alcohol to discourage us from drinking so much. The aim is to reduce the enormous costs to the NHS of alcohol misuse and the social and psychological impact of excessive alcohol consumption on drinkers and their families. […]

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10 simple, affordable ways to manage stress

International Stress Awareness Day bills itself as an opportunity to “speak up and speak out about stress”. It’s a timely issue: this year, Prince Harry made startling admissions about the stress he suffered following the tragic loss of his mother Princess Diana…

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Give yourself the gift of a Stress Free Summer.

Summer holidays are an ideal opportunity to practice relaxation and hence build resilience and well being. Hopefully it will lead to you integrating these into your routine throughout the year and reap the following benefits.

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Communication and the challenges it can bring

Our Associate Jackie Hart discusses Communication and the challenges it can bring: Communication can be a challenge, it can be a challenge because we are all human beings with our own view of the world and how it works, and as a consequence we will interpret how others communicate with us in a way that fits into […]

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Meditation for Managers

Win your staff over the natural way! What has meditation, managers and accelerated results got in common? Read on and find out. Eastern Concepts of Meditation and mindfulness training is fast becoming an integral part of management and organisational development input.

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Managers: The HEALTH AND WEALTH OF YOUR COMPANY is in your hands.

Do you agree that the health of your workers is crucial to the wealth of your company? There is a growing empirical base which supports the notion that good worker health and resilience is closely related to increased productivity and innovation.

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Are you stressed?

Stress impacts on every part of the human function. If you are experiencing a few of the below than this is indication of stress or an imbalance in your body.

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Are you being bullied?

Contact us for support if you identify any of the below. Bullying Behaviours Bullying can take the form of persistent negative attacks on an individual’s personal and professional performance. These attacks are unpredictable, irrational and often unfairly meted out. There are some obvious bullying behaviours, yet most of the time the behaviours are covert and […]

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A day in the life of a Stress and Well Being Consultant and Trainer.

Hansa Pankhania is the Director of AUM Consultancy, specialising in Corporate and Personal Stress Management and Author of ‘From Stress to Success’. She is a Fellow of the International Stress Management Association and oversees a team of associates as part of AUM Consultancy.

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Your festive gift of a super chilled out Xmas and New Year from Santa AUM.

AUM Consultancy give you the gift of a super chilled out Xmas and new year break. Just do the following 7 things as best as you can.

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Relaxation Techniques for Busy Workers (and lead up to Xmas!)

I’m sure you’ve all been there – hard day at work, you just want to unleash a flurry of expletives and bang your head against the steering wheel.  It may be a natural reaction to a difficult situation.  Sadly, whilst swearing and slamming might make you feel better in the short term it may cause […]

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5 Easy Steps to Total Well Being

All you have to do is REACH for it and it is yours! Well- being is not a difficult concept. We can all relate to it, the ability to be calm, healthy, creative, happy, fulfilled within ourselves but also in how this relates with the people we love and are important to us. Most people […]

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Thoughts on the Jimmy Saville story that has shocked the nation

Hansa Pankhania, Director of AUM Consultancy shares her thoughts on the Jimmy Saville story that has shocked the nation: We have all heard about and been disturbed by the Jimmy Saville child abuse story, but perhaps the most disturbing part of the whole episode is that it is a situation that could affect ourselves, our […]

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Managers – Is the wealth of your organisation, slipping through your fingers?

 What managers may not fully grasp is that the health and wealth of their company is in their hands. It is not good news to hear the CIPD’s latest research, which shows that stress is the number one cause of long-term sickness absence in the UK.  All job sectors showed an increase, with over 50% of […]