Stress to Success in 28 days – Author Q & A

Stress to Success in 28 days – Author Q & A

During the launch of Stress to Success in 28 Days, Hansa Pankhania took part in a Q and Q session with AUM wellbeing consultant Kristina Rosenqvist, here is a transcript of that session:

Hansa, let me start by saying a little bit about you to our audience

Hansa Pankhania is a published author of 10 wellbeing books for adults and children, available on Amazon or through her website. 

In her books, she is passionate about sharing natural wellbeing techniques, which do not cost anything but nourish your body, mind, and soul in powerful ways.

She and her team offer coaching and training on wellbeing, stress prevention, resilience building and related topics to Individuals and managers.

She has a national and international team of affiliates, who are committed to promoting individual wellbeing as well as developing mindful, compassionate, thriving workplace cultures.

Why did you write this book?  What inspired you to sit down each week to complete Stress to Success in 28 Days?

So many people do not put their mental health and wellbeing first, when it should naturally be the first priority. You cannot do all the things in real life at work and home, if you are not feeling your very best. 

Since the start of the pandemic, 92% of UK GPs have seen an increase in the number of people seeking help for work-related stress or anxiety. Mental health issues on a personal level have also shot up dramatically. Personally, I think there’s too much discussion about why people are struggling with poor wellbeing, and not enough focus on what we need to do to fix it.

Stress to Success in 28 Days offers solutions and small practical measures you can take.

For those who know this is important, they simply do not know where to start and what would be the best interventions that will work for them.  The first thing they may think about is joining a gym, but this takes a big chunk of time and effort as well as money.

Stress to Success in 28 Days offers an alternative. It helps you to try out a range of small techniques that you can easily sneak into your day, no matter how busy you may be.

Tell us more about the content in the Stress to Success in 28 Days

I present a variety of techniques, from those that you can do standing up, to sitting or lying down, in a queue for a sandwich, when the laptop is rebooting, when a person is stuck in a traffic jam or out taking a walk. Basically, you do not need to make any extra time in your day. You simply integrate these techniques into your everyday routine.

These include breathing techniques, exercise and movement that you can integrate during your working day or journey to and from work. There is a chapter on, how to use your mind in better ways, rather than worrying and living in the past or fearing the future. The last chapter on relationships is about how you can cope with difficult relations and enhance the quality of all relationships.

What is the most profound benefit that users will take away from Stress to Success in 28 Days book?

We need to let go of the stress that builds up daily, otherwise it builds up and creates all sorts of mental and physical health issues. It is like going to the toilet every day to flush out the physical toxins from your body. Stress is also a toxin, you cannot see it but it is building up inside you. Imagine a pot or bottle filling up with stress in your body every day. You need to empty this every day

I wrote this book to pass on these simple tools and tips that will do this so instead of overflowing with worry and anxiety, you are overflowing with health and happiness and joy for life.

Who is Stress to Success in 28 Days aimed at?

For individuals who want to live a stress-free life and want to be successful.

For managers who want to get the best from their team and organizations.

For businesses who want to save money lost by stressful situations and increase their productivity and profits.

This is yet another book in your Stress to Success series. What motivates you to keep writing and publishing books?

The books are a means to an end. Our main aim is to make a difference, to help people to live stress-free happy lives, so they are brimming with energy and joy for life. The books are a means by which my team and I reach out and help people make these seismic positive changes in their lives and businesses.

We try our best to make the book as professional as possible but in the end, it is the message we are highlighting to people who want to be oozing with vibrant energy and joy for their work and for their loved ones. This is what matters and that is what drives my team and me to work on more books and do all the other things that we do to make a difference.

Let’s remind our audience what these other things that our team offer.

We offer one-to-one wellbeing coaching and stress counseling to individuals.

We go into businesses and support managers to eradicate any stressful situations to help them to save money and propel the wellbeing of their employees. We offer one-to-one coaching for managers as well as work with whole organizations.

I have often wondered, do you get stressed?-Of course, we are all human and all of us do. This is why it’s important to release it from your body at regular times in the day. I meditate, go for walks in nature, use therapeutic writing and breathing techniques at intervals in my day to avoid a build-up.

Do you get up some days and think’ What’s the point? Why do I feel I need to write these books?

Yes, of course. Then I think of all my clients and people who have told me how the books have changed their lives and I keep going. The truth is there are millions of people who suffer from stress, anxiety and mental health issues. In fact, the need is growing rather than diminishing. So there are people and businesses out there who need these books. So my team and I have to keep going because we have the expertise and resources to help and we need to keep going and doing our best to make a difference. 

To be honest, like most people I have a bad day occasionally, but most days I have so much energy when I get up that I sometimes do not know what to do with it. So, I channel this into my work with my clients, on writing more books and of course my family and friends.

You are a grandmother and I know you help with taking care of your grandchildren. How do you fit all this into your week – work, books, family?

The magic words are Boundaries and focus. By managing my boundaries well and being present with what I am doing. e.g.

Monday and Tuesdays I work with my clients and oversee any projects my associates are working on  Its back-to-back meetings usually. Wednesday is an overflow day so I may spend half of that on marketing and promotion for my books and services. Thursday is writing all day. Friday and Saturday I help with my grandkids. This is my time to play and have fun after four intensive workdays.  Sunday is a rest day and time with hubby.

When I am starting on a new book, I go away on a retreat to kickstart it, plan and work out which style I will be writing in. Then it is easy to keep going each week.

Focus and being present is important. So, on a writing day, I will not turn on the telly and flick through the channels. It’s straight into my office and focus on writing 2-4, 000 words.

When I am with my grandkids, I am fully present with them and do not think about work.

I have no doubt you have plans to publish more books. What more can we expect from you next year.

3 more books in the Chakraji children’s book series – Chakraji And Beautiful Bella, Chakraji And Marvellous Mansoor, Chakraji And Special Su Ling. Our Illustrator, Anne-Marie, is working on these at the moment.

I am also writing a sequel to Best of 3 Worlds called Best of One World. This is about my personal journey to overcome challenges and live sustainably.  Many of us are feeling powerless and frustrated about climate change. The book aims to help people to take control and make changes within their reach to help the planet.

Before we end, please can you summarise the main benefits from Stress to Success in 28 Days?

This book will change your life for the better. For just a few minutes a day, doing simple natural practices that will not cost you anything, You will be brimming with health, happiness and energy.

You can easily sneak these into whatever you are doing in your day to

  • Enrich communication and relationships
  • Propel resilience and a sense of relaxation 
  • Boost creativity and productivity
  • Ignite energy, happiness and peace of mind.

Where can people get copies of your books?

The best place is via our website.


It is also available from Amazon and all good bookshops.


Text- +449(0)7888747438

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