These Mental Health statistics at work are shocking!

These Mental Health statistics at work are shocking!

There is a high profile in the media at the moment on Mental Health issues. Numerous celebrities have talked openly about their struggles with poor mental health, and public awareness of mental health problems seems to be better than ever. However, some recent research by Canada Life has revealed some statistics that demonstrate there is still plenty of work to be done, by both employers and employees, in tackling mental health problems in the workplace.

Here are just some of the figures from the report:

  • Over a fifth, (22%) of UK employees went into work when feeling mentally ill last year, up from 18% in 2016.
  • 21% admit that they are more likely to go into work when feeling unwell from a mental health problem, rather than a physical illness.
  • 15% said that their boss and colleagues would not take them seriously if they took time off for a mental health issue, an increase from 12% in 2016.
  • 15% were worried that taking time off for a mental illness would jeopardise their opportunities for progression.
  • 35% of employees are not currently aware of any form of support their workplace offers to manage sickness absence.
  • 28% believe flexible working options would help with both their physical and mental health, while 19% think that better workplace support would be beneficial.

The overriding message from the report is that more needs to be done by employers to support staff with mental health issues. These issues can leave an individual to feel extremely isolated hence feeling supported by colleagues and managers is pertinent.

It is important that businesses have a culture that encourages openness and honesty when talking about mental health and dealing with workplace stress. This needs to be led from the top down, with managers and directors leading the way.

Relevant training and opportunities should be provided to support staff living with mental health problems. The wellbeing of all staff should be addressed as part of the fabric of daily business routines. This is in order to fulfil an employer’s legal duty of care, but also to improve healthy attendance, productivity and ultimately profits.

At AUM Consultancy, we offer expert Managers Managing Stress training that covers all of these issues and helps your business establish a continuous programme of support for employees.

Hansa Pankhania is a Fellow of the International Stress Management Association and has worked with over 100 companies nationally to promote the natural wellbeing message.

She is the Author of 3 books:

From Stress to Success– Five inspirational stories of overcoming workplace stress

Stress to Success for Managers and Employees- A dynamic programme for total wellbeing

‘Stress to Success Stories- to inspire managers and employees to excel.’

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