Compassion and Care at Christmas

Another year is almost at an end, and for many of us, Christmas is often an annual highlight. But it’s not always easy to let go of the stresses that impact our daily lives and enjoy the festive break. That’s where AUM can help, as we bring you our 7 seasonal tips on how to chill out and have the best ever Christmas, with care and compassion.

1- Let go of the perfectionist mindset. Take the pressure off this Christmas. Everything does not have to be perfect. What matters to your loved ones is that you have tried your best. They want you calm and relaxed in their company, not stressed out and panicking.

2- Work as a team-let go of the control to be in charge of everything. You do not have to do everything by yourself, learn to share the load and delegate. Everyone, including young children can manage small tasks, such as setting the table, tidying away things etc.

3- Approach everyone with love and compassion and let go of old resentments. We will no doubt have to spend time with members of the family with whom we do not have good relationships. Do not hold onto old wounds as these eat away at your insides, not theirs.

4-Take regular intervals and re charge your batteries. Even a 5 minute break can work wonders. It can be exhausting trying to get it all in, cooking, cleaning and conversations all at the same time.

5- Include small acts of kindness leading up to the frenzy of Christmas day. The festive season is about compassion, not just presents, food and alcohol. Do not forget to be kind to others. It can be a small gesture like giving way to a car in heavy traffic, helping someone with loading their shopping, smiling, or giving a small unexpected gift to your hairdresser / local shopkeeper.

6- Accept all gifts with genuine gratitude instead of being fussy. The people who have given you presents have put in some or a lot of effort in getting the present to you. From the point of thinking what to buy, looking for item, buying the item, buying wrapping paper, wrapping it, bringing it and giving it to you. Write a personal thank you note to them for their efforts even if you do not like the gift.

7- Reflect on all the good things in your lives and give gratitude. In conversations with family and friends during the celebrations, talk about good times instead of moaning and complaining. You can even play a game where you gather ‘good things’ on post it notes and build a gratitude pot. The person with the most in their pot is the winner.

Wishing you all a loving, peaceful and memorable festive season from all at AUM Consultancy.

Hansa Pankhania is a Fellow of the International Stress Management Association and has worked with over 100 companies nationally to promote the natural wellbeing message.

She is the Author of 3 books:

From Stress to Success– Five inspirational stories of overcoming workplace stress

Stress to Success for Managers and Employees- A dynamic programme for total wellbeing

‘Stress to Success Stories- to inspire managers and employees to excel.’

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