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Is your wellbeing your first priority?

Is your wellbeing your first priority?

Life is getting busier as the Covid crisis eases and we try to get back to our previous routines and activities.

This means that there is less time for us. So, how do we still ensure we still have ample time for ourselves so we can rest, relax and keep our wellbeing at optimum levels?

There are many of us who will soon begin to wish that we had some time to ourselves, with less rushing around and work to do. This is difficult to achieve, however, it is not impossible.

One thing is certain. Nobody will come and hand you the time unless you make this available for yourself. When you do, it is important that the time is used constructively to rest and build up your strength as well as your mental health.

Take a few moments to think about how to make time for yourself and to sustain your wellbeing. Can you take some time out of work? Speak to your manager or doctor and explore options for this. Can any friends or family help to look after children or with household chores? Explore all these options to ensure you have time for yourself, as we drift into the busy routines again.

Getting up and going to bed aimlessly, watching TV, eating lots of chocolate, drinking alcohol etc will make matters worse over a period of time, so use your time wisely to rest, reflect and reassess your priorities and learn the skills to be a healthier, happier and a more fulfilled human being.

How do you do this?

Firstly, make a list of your priorities.  Home, work, family, finances, friends, etc.

Are you in that list somewhere? Because you are best at the top. If you take care of yourself and are healthier and happier, then the quality of care you give to your friends and family will be high.

If your priority list goes something like ‘My health and wellbeing, family, work, friends’, then you are on the right track.

Have a routine where you pay very good attention to your body, mind and soul and build them to their optimum resilience. You need to ensure you include exercise and healthy eating for the body, activities to nourish and calm your mind and soul, and meaningful interaction with loved ones. 

If you worry about health then instead of worrying (which drains the energy in your body) be proactive in sustaining your health and building your immune system which will protect you from illness.

Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, cut down on sugar which depletes the immune system, get fresh air and exercise, spend time in nature, do breathing exercises and meditation which all strengthen your physical and mental health.

Ensure your whole day has a mix of active, relaxing, creative and social activities.

Make an intention that you will sustain yourself as a more healthy and happier individual and family unit. You will be back to your hectic routine soon and may never have this time again.

Free advice and resources on wellbeing are available here.

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