10 steps to help you bounce with energy and wellness

10 steps to help you bounce with energy and wellness.

Do you want to live your life, bursting with energy and flowing with happiness?

If so, all you have to do is boost your physical and emotional resilience, banish stress from your life and learn to live mindfully in tune with nature.

Mental and physical health issues can ensue when stress builds up over a period of time, sapping your energy, motivation and creativity. Therefore, it is imperative to release this stress daily from your body and inject positive dynamic energy and wellbeing from natural sources.

Here are 10 simple, easy and natural ways you can do this.

None of the following tips involve the use of medication or stimulants, such as caffeine or alcohol, which give you a feel-good feeling in the short term, but are harmful to you in the long term.

1 Calm environment – Keep your home and workspace, clutter-free and fresh. Create a calm environment by adding images that you find soothing, such as trees, ocean, wildlife etc. 

2 Exercise – Ensure you have the opportunity for movement and exercise at least once an hour during the day. Go for a brisk walk/run or engage in stretching exercises. Walk on the spot when watching TV or dance through your household chores.

3 Nature – Connecting with nature is invigorating and healing. Plan your day so that you spend time in scenic places where possible. Take time to enjoy your garden, local park and green spaces around you. Observe and find out more about the trees, shrubs and wildlife you see.

4 Healthy eating and drinking – Make sure that you are drinking two litres of water daily to flush out the stress toxins. Eat healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, salad and nuts instead of sugary snacks that sap away your energy. 

5 Sleep – Ensure you get sufficient sleep. Plan your routine so you get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every day.

6 Relaxation techniques – These do not require a lot of effort and will keep you calm, alert and energised. You do not have to take additional time for them as you can use the time whenever you are waiting for something, e.g. stuck in traffic, advertising breaks during TV programmes or waiting at the dentist. Memorise the script of some of these so you can do them in bed if you cannot sleep or when you need to be calm such as before an interview. There are videos and podcasts of relaxation and breathing techniques on the free resources page on our website:

Free Resources

7 Write it out – If something is playing on your mind, grab a paper and pen and write it out. Spill your thoughts and feelings on to paper. For example:

 I am so frustrated about…….

I feel stuck with my problems because…….

This process will empty the stress from your head onto the paper, giving you clarity and space for solutions.  

8 Take control – Make a list of the things you can control and focus your energies on these only. Let go of things and situations of uncertainty, as you cannot control these, but you may be expending huge amounts of your time and energy on them.

9 Talk to people you trust – Open up about any issues that are bothering you instead of struggling to make sense of these by yourself. Talking is cathartic and will highlight options for moving forward with your problems.

10 Consider counselling – Most large companies provide free counselling for their employees which is confidential and provides a safe space for you to talk about your worries. Speak to your manager about this. 

If this is not available, you can get in touch with us at www.aumconsultancy.co.uk. We have a team of experienced counsellors located nationally.

It is my hope that you will begin to work on these steps one at a time and establish a routine where you are integrating all the above in your week. This will keep the stress at bay and keep you happy, healthy, focused, calm and bouncing with energy and happiness.

If you have found this helpful, then please pass it on to someone else who may benefit from the information.

About Hansa Pankhania 

Hansa is an acclaimed author and a renowned coach and speaker on wellbeing, stress reduction and resilience. She is an expert in managerial and corporate wellbeing and has provided coaching and consultancy services to over 300 companies. Hansa’s passion is to help companies save money lost through stressful situations and develop mindful, thriving workplace cultures. She has published seven books including a series on  ‘Stress to Success’, as well as books for children. 

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