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Back to normal? How to thrive in the new normal

Back to normal? How to thrive in the new normal

As workplaces, entertainment venues and transport links reopen, we keep hearing about how the UK (and the wider world) is moving onto the ‘new normal’. In many ways, it’s similar to the old normal. We’ll still face many of the same challenges, we’ll still have difficult days and we’ll still find joy and happiness.

But no crystal ball in the world could have predicted what has occurred so far in 2020.  There’s a fair chance that your plans have had to be severely altered – holidays, work promotions, house moves et al, have all been put on the back burner whilst the world tries to manage Covid-19. So how can you ensure you thrive in this new normal, manage your stress and get your 2020 plans back on track?

Show gratitude – There have been plenty of negatives this year, but try to focus on the positives in your life. This is harder than just allowing yourself to get bogged down with negatives, but it will really help your stress levels. Set aside some time to list the positives in your life (mentally or in writing) and when you find negative thoughts piling up, take a time out to refer to the list.

Have a break – Maybe you can’t take that break in an exotic country, but often having a break in your mind can work almost as well. You don’t have endless supplies of positivity, energy and drive, but you do have the option of taking a step back. If you’re working from home, taking regular 5-10 breaks can really help you in the long run. Have a short walk, meditate, play a game. Just try not to watch the news too much, it’s not likely to make you feel more positive!

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Be kind – If you can be grateful for your life, then try to think of others who have had a more difficult time during the pandemic. Lives have changed unimaginably and there are so many people (probably including people you know) who need a helping hand. Obviously it will do them some good, but it will also improve your own wellbeing.

Know your limits – There’s a sometimes overpowering urge to make up for lost time, and let’s face it, there’s been plenty of lost time during Lockdown! But you’re not a machine, you can’t do everything. List your tasks, prioritise them and see which ones can either be ditched or delegated. That will help give you the headspace to focus on what’s important.

Forget about it – You can’t change the past. What’s happened in 2020 has happened. It’s easy to dwell on the ‘what might have beens’, but honestly, there’s nothing you can do to change it. Better to focus on the present and future, that’s where you can make a real impact.

There are still 5 months left of this seemingly endless year, there’s still time to make it a success and still time to achieve your goals. Just follow our top tips and might still be able to look back at 2020 as a great year.

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