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Calling all employees

Calling all Employees

  • One in three workers (32%) feel uncomfortable approaching their managers about problems at work
  • More than a third (35%) don’t think that their line manager treats them and their colleagues fairly
  • Nearly half of respondents (44%) say their line-manager didn’t ensure they knew their rights at work.      

(TUC Survey 2019)

Do you feel fairly treated by your manager? Are you comfortable approaching them about problems at work? 

This blog is about putting the soul back into your work by working with your line manager.

Work should be the activity by which you express your true purpose and intrinsic creativity. The values of your organisation and yours need to match and align. Otherwise work just becomes a chore; something you do to pay the bills, rather than something you enjoy as a labour of love.

Most of us spend over half of our waking lives at work, so it makes sense that work is the right fit for you. A place where you feel safe and supported.through challenges you can grow into a better version of yourself.

Why do we love working with line managers?

Line managers are the metaphorical parents at work. Just like a parent at home loves, nurtures and creates a cohesive strong family, a line manager does the same with his/her team. It is not uncommon  to see the early family patterns being replayed within a team at work

For example, if someone is brought up being criticised constantly by a parent, then any criticism by a manager may generate the same feelings of resentment and disappointment. A manager with a nurturing style can reverse this dynamic and ensure they get the best out of their employees.

Managers are not coaches and therapists, so it becomes our work to help the manager through this process. Insecurities relating to the Coronavirus pandemic are triggering this for many employees. Therefore we are offering our half price coaching to managers at this critical time when they need to retain employees and get more than the best from them. 

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