How Can An Eco-Friendly Life Also Lead To Wellbeing?

How Can An Eco-Friendly Life Also Lead To Wellbeing?

The link between sustainable living, wellbeing and stress.

This blog aims to convince the reader that an eco-friendly life is good for you on multiple levels. It can boost your wellbeing on not just your physical, mental and financial levels, but on many other levels too. 

Let’s start with the concept of perfect health and wellbeing and how stress wears that down over a lifetime. Our bodies have to cope daily with multiple internal and external variables that either contribute to or erode health and wellbeing.

First, Imagine your perfect body, each cell at its healthiest, thriving and growing when you are born.

Now imagine this being eroded over a lifetime at the cellular level with internal and external factors.

Internal Factors

The internal psychological factors can be early childhood trauma, attachment issues or lack of unconditional love which may lead to the belief that you are not important, loved and worthy. Imagine every cell in your body listening to these negative messages and anxiety creeping in and building up over the years disrupting the natural balance of growth by the buildup of negative emotions such as hurt, sadness, anger, or guilt. To this, add the physical things you put in your body such as junk food laden with sugar and chemicals, plastic through food packaging, smoking, alcohol, or drugs.

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External Factors

Then there are the external factors. Relationships, school, work, traffic, pollution and climate change. Remember, every cell in your body is responding and being corroded by all this toxic matter.

Now imagine what might have happened to your perfect body and every cell in it. No wonder illness, tiredness, and anxiety have crept in. For some people, it happens much quicker while for others it is a slow burn. 

Self-belief, positive affirmative thinking and help to outpour emotions through writing or talking, healthy eating, exercise and spiritual activities such as meditation may delay the process but this happens to most of us at some point in our lives.

In my earlier Stress to Success books, I have explored and offered techniques and coping strategies for most of the above, apart from the climate change environmental issues which is the focus of this blog.

Climate change issues have the same multiple internal and external variables and contributing factors that cause stress in your body. We are in the midst of a climate crisis. This is causing a huge amount of stress to humanity, as well as the planet. Science says that you need to make seismic changes to alleviate the catastrophic harm we are doing to our planet and to your wellbeing. 

The Eastern health tradition of Ayurveda says we are made of the same elements as the planet that is fire, earth, water, space and air. Therefore, if the balance of these is disrupted through climate change then this would also affect the balance in our bodies impacting on health.

Nature and the environment has been taken for granted for decades hence change to sustainable living is not easy. If you apply the four Cs of change, then making a Commitment, taking on the Challenge, taking Control of the issue and Communicating your support needs are vital.

Changing habits takes time and effort. Essentially to begin your sustainable living journey, you take a habit you already do every day, and pair it with a simple new one you want to change to. For example, if you buy plastic packaged food then each time you do this, you replace it with one loose food item. Once you have established this pattern you combine another new habit with an old one such as reusing plastic packing instead of buying sandwich and freezer bags. This way you master the art of building new habits one after the other until you are living an eco-friendly life.

My monthly blogs this year will simplify the seven main areas of wellbeing each month that influence this notion. I will present simple, practical steps to help you contribute to the issues arising from climate change, in a way that will have multiple benefits to yourself all whilst intertwining with the wider environmental perspectives that impact your wellbeing. 

I will take you through each of these areas presenting simple changes you can make in your life to boost your physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial, intellectual and occupational wellbeing. 

Hansa Pankhania is a published author of 10 Wellbeing books for adults and children available on Amazon or through her website. 

In her books, she is passionate about sharing natural wellbeing techniques which do not cost anything but nourish your body, mind, and soul in powerful ways.

She and her team offer Coaching and Training on Wellbeing, Stress Prevention, Resilience Building and related topics to Individuals and Managers.

She has a national and international team of affiliates who are committed to promoting individual wellbeing as well as develop mindful, compassionate, thriving workplace cultures.

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