Don’t miss this opportunity

Self-isolating – the phrase is everywhere. If you haven’t had to do it yet, there’s a very high chance you will be doing it soon. Whilst it comes with many negatives, it is also your opportunity to be a better person and make this a better world.

Here is how………

Self-isolating means you have more time on your hands. There are many of us who have often thought ‘I wish I had a few weeks where there is no work, no rushing about, just time for myself.’

Well, the universe has given all of us this time, but we can choose to use it well or waste it. What will you choose?

Get up and go to bed aimlessly, watch television, stay glued to the news that reinforces the negative, eat chocolate, drink, get on the nerves of family….(I think you get my gist. )


Rest, reflect and reassess your priorities. Learn the skills required to be a healthier, happier and more fulfilled person.

Let’s imagine that you go for option 2.

How can you achieve that aim?

Firstly, make a list of your priorities. Home, work, family, finances, friends, etc.

Are you in that list somewhere? Because you need to go at the top. If you take care of yourself and are healthy and happy, then the quality of care you give to your friends and family will be high. This is not the case if you are a stressed-out, run-down, grumpy and negative individual.

So if your priority list goes something like: My health and wellbeing, family, work etc, Then you are on the right track.

Now let’s use this time that we have on our hands to do good for us, our loved ones and the world.

Here are some ideas on how to:

  • Have a weekday routine, even though you are not at work or you are working from home. Weekends can be more laid back and flexible if you prefer.
  • In this routine, pay very good attention to your body, mind and soul. Build them to their optimum resilience, so we are happy and healthy, and we know how to support our loved ones to do the same.
  • We need to ensure we include exercise and healthy eating for the body, activities to nourish and calm our mind and soul, and meaningful interaction with our loved ones.

Here is a template for a routine to help you make a start. You can rearrange the order and add your own ideas as a family. Seek the information you need online, on apps and in books:

  • 7-8 am – Yoga or meditation. Look up YouTube videos or apps for a suitable programme. Go for a run or walk if weather permits.
  • Shower
  • Breakfast
  • Midmorning – children’s home study, or engage in creative activity. Reading, art, crafts, music etc. Basically, anything that helps to develop a creative skill and strengthen the neurons in your brain.
  • Cook a healthy lunch or learn new cooking skills. The children can join in according to their level of capability. Take it in turns or have a rota, so everyone is taking responsibility.
  • After lunch – make a telephone or video call to a friend or family member. Listen attentively, offer compassion and support where you can. Ask for the support that you need. Make it reciprocal as best as you can. Ring your neighbour’s doorbell. You can still have a robust conversation with a distance of 2 metres between you.
  • Work on another creative activity. If you have run out of biscuits or bread, make your own. Tackle some jobs in the house that have been neglected. Write a blog. Learn relaxation and breathing techniques (free audio ones on our website). Spend time in nature, which is both healing and nourishing.
  • Make a list of all the good things in your life. Give gratitude for what you have instead of winging about what is not available. Get the children to make a list of these, or ask them to draw things that make them happy. Keep the focus on positivity and calm ambience.
  • Make an effort to sit together as a family for the evening meal. Eat slowly and mindfully. The children can help to set the table, clear up. Build on working as a team.
  • The evening can be for television and wind down routines.
  • Ensure your whole day has a mix of active, creative, social activities.

At the end of your social isolation phase, you will emerge as a healthier and happier individual or family. Make a plan now on how you will work towards this. Remember this is a temporary phase and it will all pass in a few months. You will be back to your hectic routines soon and may never have this time again. Don’t make this a missed opportunity of a lifetime. Be a better person and make this a better world!

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