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How nature can boost employee productivity

18 ways that nature can boost employee productivity?

Summer is here. The perfect time to be outdoors and soak in the magnificence of nature, regardless of sunshine or rain. This year’s summer is long awaited following a year of seemingly endless lockdowns. We simply cannot wait to get together with our loved ones and cherish the joy of being out and about.

Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to inspire and encourage more people to connect with nature in new and exciting ways to uplift our mental health as well as contribute to environmental issues. Meet others outdoors. Whether it’s for sport, a walk or a picnic. Meeting others in public outdoor spaces is often free and a great way to boost our mental health and wellbeing.

How can we sneak more nature into our everyday lives?

Here are 18 ways you can nourish yourself and the planet with the magic of nature.

1. Open your awareness. As you go about your daily life when walking or sitting by a window, notice the natural objects around you. The shapes of the trees, the shades of greens, the birds singing or the colours of the wild flowers. Often, we are so engrossed in our thoughts and actions that we miss the magic of nature right in front of our eyes. Be prepared for the surprises that nature offers you every day.

2. Share nature: Take a photo, video or sound recording and share the connections you have made during the week, to inspire others. 

3. Seek out nature. Go to the local parks, the beach, a garden, woods – anywhere that nature exists.

4. Connect with nature. Breathe in the air, listen to the sounds of the birds or the sea rolling in, touch the tree bark or the sand.

5. Commit to nature. Endeavour to learn something new each week about the nature around you. Learn about the plants or birds in your vicinity.

6. Exercise in nature. Working out in nature helps to improve our health and fitness, both physical and mental (research shows that even a short amount of exercise in nature has significant returns. Interestingly, those exercising with the presence of water e.g., by the sea/river/canal or taking part in water-based activities, generated even greater benefit).

7. Grow your own food. Use a space in your garden, in an allotment or even on your windowsill. There is nothing more satisfying than picking a vegetable from our garden/allotment, cooking and eating it, as this helps us connect with where our food comes from and ensures food is fresh.

8. Nature at night. Sit outside at night and look at the stars for a spectacular way to relieve stress. See how the sky changes through time and look for the different constellations, as well as special events like eclipses and comets. You could even get a telescope for a better view of the moon and our neighbouring planets..

9. Start a nature hobby. Nature is a great inspiration for painting, drawing, writing and photography. Much better than watching mindless TV and it may even lead to a monetary return.

10. Protect nature. Engaging in activities that protect and preserve nature and our environment gives us purpose and the satisfaction that we are doing our bit towards climate change.  E.g., Litter picking is an excellent activity to help our wildlife and our environment, while simultaneously giving us a mental health boost. 

11. Talk about nature. Having done some of the above, do not forget to talk about it with everyone around you. Make it a regular conversation point, rejoicing in your progress and challenges. Keep the conversations flowing.

Here are some more ways to bring nature into your working day.

12. Change your screen to an image full of the vibrancy of nature.

13. Arrange meetings outdoors. For example at a local garden centre or park.

14. Have walking meetings.

15. Ensure you are facing the window when working at your desk.

16. Hang pictures and ornaments depicting the beauty of nature in your office.

17. Commit to getting some fresh air every day during lunch breaks.

18. Have conversations with team mates on how to add to the above ideas.

Activities and Resources

Many places across the UK have local groups you can join to engage in nature and with others and make a difference where you live.

In summary

Nature is free. No costs or side effects of this wonderful energy that we are gifted with all around us. It makes sense to make full use of it to refresh and rejuvenate our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The government has a strategy for climate change but unless we all join in and do our bit, the progress is going to be limited.

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