Soul of the World versus Stress

(This blog and the quotes within are inspired by ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho)

One month has passed since 2019 and you have had ample time to reflect on the past year and hopefully find your footings for the rest of 2020.
Are you letting go of the familiarity of the past year, where you may not have been evolving to your full potential, losing touch with the ‘soul of the world?’

To be closer to achieving that, you may need new pastures, new experiences and/or new people in your everyday life.

How much of that is within your plans for 2020?

Everything on earth is changing and evolving continuously because the earth is alive and it has a soul. We are part of that soul.

You and the corporate world also have a soul, and for the last few decades, the language of the soul is getting louder and louder here.

When I set up my corporate well-being consultancy 25 years ago I had to be careful about using words like ‘meditation’ and’ love’ in my presentations and programmes. But I am delighted to say that now this language of the soul has turned from a whisper to mainstream conversation. It is still not loud enough though and not everyone is taking heed of it. I can now use the soul language of love, compassion, meditation, mindfulness and it is beginning to be accepted in the corporate world but not taken seriously enough.

How is this relevant to stress and success?

If your soul is not aligned to the soul of the world then stress and unhappiness are inevitable. Everyone has a destiny, but not everyone has the courage to follow it. If you see the world with fear and anxiety, as a threatening place, the world turns out as such for you. You are going in the opposite direction of your destiny. This is why the statistics still say that stress and mental health issues are the biggest cause of absence from work and a threat to society.

Let’s put the soul and the spirit of the universe back in people and in business – all things are the manifestation of one thing only – this elemental force with which the earth evolves.

We are all unique with treasures within us that can make the workplace, home life and the world a much better place.

Have you taken something ordinary and turned it into something extraordinary recently? Whether it is a project at work, a piece of art, or simply adding a bunch of ingredients into a delicious meal? We are all hardwired to do this if we listen to our soul and align it with the soul of the world.

So, how do you go in the right direction of your destiny? How do you ensure your soul and the soul of the world are aligned? Here are the 5 steps that will ensure you do so:

1. Meditate

Meditation, yoga and related practices penetrate deep into your soul and that of the world and help you to discover the treasures in your destiny.

‘Alchemy is penetrating to the soul of the world and discovering the treasures in your destiny. What alchemy does is to bring the spiritual perfection to the material plane.’

Action- Make meditation an integral part of your day. Focus on the rhythm of your breath for 5 minutes 4 times a day or listen to our free audios HERE

2. Embrace change instead of being fearful of it.

Are you evolving or stuck in the same rut day in day out, because you fear change? We are all unique and hard wired to evolve. Nothing remains constant on the earth. Often the fear of change is worse than the fear itself.

When you evolve, everyone around you evolves too. Every step forward is a test to see if it is the right time and if it is, you will make it there. Before a dream is realised the soul of the world tests everything that was learned along the way. Master these lessons instead of giving up and succumbing to the fear.

‘One dies of thirst in the desert just when the palm trees begin to appear on the horizon’

‘The principle of favourability’- aka beginners luck – is the universe’s way of encouraging you to embrace change and move forward towards your destiny, because life wants you to achieve your destiny. We have to take advantage when luck is on our side and do as much to help it as its doing to help us.

Learn new things and meet new people that help you stay aligned to your destiny. For example, if you are naturally inclined to be an artist, then it is no good hanging out with accountants. Find a group of artists and make the effort to connect frequently. There is a mysterious chain that links one thing to another, so you will meet the next group of people from there. But make a start first. As an example, when I was first interested in writing books I joined a writing group, who put me in touch with a published author, who put me in touch with an editor, then a publisher and so on. The same is happening in terms of learning skills to work in the corporate world, which is my vehicle for helping managers to connect with their souls and then the soul of the world and cascade this through their organisations.

‘When you want something, the whole universe conspired to help you achieve it’

‘The universe is always nearby and listening when someone wants to realize their destiny’ But you have to take the first steps to make that commitment to change. All the connections will roll from one to another.

Action – Join a group for an activity you love or take up that hobby that you have been wanting to do for years.

3. Learn to love unconditionally

Love is the universal language which everyone understands – the language of enthusiasm. Things are accomplished with love and purpose. Something believed in and desired becomes part of a greater good. The language of love is something that is older than humanity, something that exerts the same force between people- a force that is a catalyst for change and evolution.

Love your colleagues, your manager, your family, your friends, your neighbours, your house, your place of work etc. Nothing is perfect. Just love it as it is, without judgement and it will evolve to its best potential.

Action – Love everything and anything without reason and judgement. Imagine a fountain of love flowing from your heart onto the person or thing.

4. Spend more time in nature

Plants and people need the same five elements – sun, water, earth, wind and space to survive. We all have our own individual destinies, and each is unique with their individual destinies. For example Gold and iron are unique, both equally needed in the survival of the earth- minerals and plants understand that all things are one but us humans are lagging behind in grasping this.

‘All creation is written by the same one hand’

Humans need to connect more with nature- the elements with our inner worlds and outer – sun, earth, water, wind, space.

‘Whenever he saw the sea, or fire- he fell into silence, impressed by their elemental force’

Everything is connected, the clouds, the desert, animals, rivers, insects et al by the soul of the world. Anything on the face of the earth can reveal the history of all things, a page in a book, a person’s hand, a turn of a card or the flight of the birds. Whatever the thing observed, one could find a connection with their experience of the moment, a way of penetrating into the soul of the world.

Find these moments when you immerse fully into the beauty of nature around you. Notice that tree from the window of your office, or that beautiful hanging basket full of bursting colours as you walk past a house. When on holiday, switch off your phone or laptop and hear the sound of the waves and the birds.

Action – Notice and immerse yourself in some of the natural features around you.

5. Listen to your intuition

Everybody gets ‘my gut says this does not feel right’ moments but do you listen to this and take a different course of action?

Hunches or intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life that you feel in your solar plexus where the histories of all people are connected and we are able to know everything because it’s all stored and written there.

When you want something with all your heart, that’s when you are closest to the soul of the world. It is always a positive force. Everything has a soul, mineral, vegetable, grain of sand, a thought, an action- everything on earth.

This movement is often referred to as the elixir of life and this wisdom as the philosopher’s stone.

‘Maybe God created the desert so man could appreciate the oasis or date trees.’

‘The wise man understood that this natural world is only an image and copy of paradise.’

The existence of this world is simply a guarantee that there exists a world that is perfect. The world is created so that its visible objects and humans could understand its marvel and wisdom. Are you listening to yours? If not, it is likely to lead eventually to stress.

Stress exists as a sign that you can be at peace and perfectly aligned to your purpose. If you listen carefully, your intuition will tell you the actions needed to get there.

What are the actions you need to get there? You are not going to discover the treasure of your destiny without taking action and nobody can do this for you.

Action – Get on the stress to success path- the journey to your destiny and merging with the soul of the world.


When you think of 2019 and the years before, don’t think about what you have left behind. Everything is written in the DNA of the world and it will remain there. Instead spot the omens for the future and keep following the path forward.

Take the first few steps to really live out your destiny. Discover new things that you would never have. Have the courage to try new things that seemed impossible at first whether that is to set up a business, write a book, move house etc

I am happy, I am connected to the soul of the world and basking in the joy of this evolving journey.

Maybe stress was created so people could appreciate the peace and their full potential to broaden their horizons of the soul and universal love.

AUM can help you to learn a framework- structure for evolving and discovering your true destiny and making a difference to the greater good.

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