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National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day

Wednesday November the 9th is National Stress Awareness Day in the UK.  

The past two years have seen an alarming rise in stress levels. Our brains and bodies are designed and organised for short-term external threats and to react immediately for survival. We are not, on the other hand, designed to cope with long-term uncertainty and change as is reflected in our society and workplace today. The ongoing effects of the economy on our businesses have established an environment of insecurity. There are unprecedented levels of structural change, that will have corrosive effects on the health of those trying to work within it, if they are not properly supported.

Organisations are resilient because their people are resilient. There are organisations where the environment allows people the space and time to explore and deal with their fears and concerns through strong communication; organisations that have established trust and strong communities. But these organisations are rare and with the perceived urgency of the radical changes to be made, it is no wonder that people are facing serious consequences to their health.

In recent times, Aum Wellbeing Consultancy have run a series of Stress Management and Resilience Building workshops for Managers and Individuals.

One of our most popular workshops is our signature Managers Managing Stress workshop. This ensures managers can identify the signs of stress and be proactive in reducing them. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of addressing stress in the workplace. Reduce stress and you have healthier more productive workers. It also ensures that you are addressing your legal duty of care and taking responsibility for the welfare of staff.

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We also run workshops centred on powerful, relaxation techniques for staff.  These sessions are aimed at helping staff cope with the pressures of the modern world and perform at their peak. 

National Stress Awareness day is a fantastic way of raising the profile of stress management.  Addressing stress makes good business sense all year round.  Companies can make massive savings on the cost of sickness absence and underperformance due to stress.

Please get in touch if we can support you or your business. Our interventions can create a stress free environment and a culture of high levels of health and happiness.

Hansa Pankhania is a published author of 10 Wellbeing books for adults and children available on Amazon or through her website. 

In her books, she is passionate about sharing natural wellbeing techniques which do not cost anything but nourish your body, mind, and soul in powerful ways.

She and her team offer Coaching and Training on Wellbeing, Stress Prevention, Resilience Building and related topics to Individuals and Managers.

She has a national and international team of affiliates who are committed to promoting individual wellbeing as well as develop mindful, compassionate, thriving workplace cultures.

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