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Case Studies

We ask some of our clients for feedback:

Suffolk County Council

Aum-clients---suffolk-councilSuffolk County Council

Resilience Training

Aum Senior Consultant and trainer co worked with a leading Stress and Resilience Consultancy in the UK with the above company. The project involved consultancy, producing and delivering Resilience training for over 250 Managers and frontline employees.

Here is a summary of the Delivery from evaluation forms from delegates. (1=low 5=high)

Meeting Project Deliverables = 5

Delegate feedback = 5

Quality of trainers / consultants = 5

Value for money = 5

Effectiveness of Training = 5

Flexibility & Adaptability = 5

“Staff left the programme giving very high levels of satisfaction and significantly recognising their own situation, needs and options within the course profile and materials – put simply, a relevant experience that was timely and in which employees could recognise ‘themselves’.”

Jon Rowe
Head of Workforce Planning and Development
Suffolk County Council

Birmingham City Council

Aum-clients---birmingham-city-councilBirmingham City Council (BCC)

City wide Stress Management Project

In 2003 Birmingham City Council (BCC), which employed approximately 50,000 people, took the decision to instigate a City wide Stress Project. AUM senior consultant Hansa Pankhania was one of the key people involved in the steering group tasked with setting up and cascading stress awareness within BCC.

Process and Content

A steering group with representatives from Health and Safety, HR, Training, Senior Management Team, Occupational Health, Counselling Services and Union was formed. Based on the results of a staff survey, certain departments within BCC were prioritised for input.

Hansa Pankhania co-produced and delivered core briefings to Managers on their legal responsibilities in applying their duty of care and addressing employee stress. The content included:

  • Business case for addressing stress within BCC
  • How to identify stress in staff, the short and long term symptoms
  • Organisational factors and costs of stress
  • Stress and the Law, managers’ legal duty towards addressing welfare and care of staff
  • Management tools and techniques to support stressed employees.

She also co- produced a train the trainers , one day course for managers and two day course for employees which was widely used across the City.

In addition she developed a ten module online Managing Stress Course with topics covering Understanding the concept of stress, stress reducing techniques, assertiveness, time management, positive thinking, diet and exercise, emotional intelligence, stress and personality, holistic approaches to stress management, and organisational stress.

At Present

The training material is still used by BCC Health and safety section, the online Managing Stress programme is extensively accessed by BCC staff, the City wide counselling team use the online programme material as handouts for clients and Hansa Pankhania continues to support BCC managers and employees as an affiliate of their Staffcare Team.

BCC testimonial

“Birmingham City Council is the largest local authority in Europe with around 50,000 employees. Hansa has worked for Birmingham as an affiliated Consultant over many years. She was one of the key people in the development of the Council’s Stress Policy and consequent formation of a Stress Project, cascading stress awareness across the Council. As part of this project, Hansa both produced and delivered Manager Briefings and Staff Training on related issues. She also wrote and produced an online Stress Management Programme that remains widely used and appreciated on the intranet. Hansa’s work is always of the highest quality: ethical, boundaried and dynamic”.

Dr Haydn Williams
Clinical Lead – Staffcare
Birmingham City Council

Porvair Filtration

Aum-clients---porvairPorvair Filtration – Portsmouth

Managers Managing Stress and Stress Management for employees

In March 2011 we were contacted by Paul McKenzie from Porvair requesting support with the stress within the organisation caused by accelerated growth. Aum secured the contract following stiff competition from other major similar consultancies in UK. A great deal of effort went into producing two programmes and materials for managers and frontline shop floor employees, to meet the bespoke needs of Porvair with their Change agent. In total Aum Delivered 4 courses for senior managers in helping them to apply their legal duty of care and the tools and materials to support stressed employees. The content included:

  • Business case for addressing stress within BCC
  • How to identify stress in staff, the short and long term symptoms
  • Organisational factors and costs of stress
  • Stress and the Law, manager’s legal duty towards addressing welfare and care of staff
  • Management tools and techniques to support stressed employees

In addition 12 courses for shop floor employees were delivered in helping them to recognise the short and long term symptoms of stress, and tools and techniques to cope with stress.

“The Managers Managing stress programme was very useful and well presented by a very competent presenter.”

Health and Safety Manager
Porvair Filtration, Portsmouth

Dudley Council

Aum-clients---dudley-councilDudley Council

Stress Management Groups and Managers Managing Stress

AUM Consultancy was asked to develop a Stress Management Group for Dudley Council employees.

Staff subscribed to a closed lunchtime group which ran for 6 weeks covering a range of stress management issues. The content included; understanding the concept of stress, short and long term symptoms, stress and personality, lifestyle management, positive thinking, assertiveness and time management. Each session was for 90 minutes following half an hour lunch. The session would begin with a recap of material from the previous session, new content and end with practice of a different stress reducing technique each week.

Following the successful outcome of the groups AUM was asked to develop two, one day courses on stress management for managers and frontline staff. The work was initially commissioned for the Department of Social Care and later outsourced to other departments within the Council including Finance and Senior Management.


Aum-clients---saheliya-edinburghSaheliya – Edinburgh

Communication Skills and Accelerating Personal Resilience

What was your first impression prior to a consultation meeting?

Good Professional organisation

During Consultation, did you feel that your needs were fully understood?


What effort did AUM make in ensuring that all your bespoke needs were met?

Listened & provided tailor made programme

What is the feedback from Trainees?

All trainees enjoyed & benefitted from the programme

Are you going to continue to use AUM Consultancy ?

If needed, yes.

Would you recommend AUM Consultancy to other organisations?


On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 as poor and 10 as excellent, how would you rate the service provided by AUM Consultancy?

9 (our time was limited)

Seetec Recruitment

aum-clients--seetecSeetec Recruitment

Mental Health Awareness

In 2009 the Seetec HR manager made contact via another consultancy for a bespoke mental health awareness course for their employees. They had secured a contract with the government to place people experiencing mental and learning difficulties into employment and hence needed the awareness and expertise to understand and relate to this client group. Hansa Pankhania, our senior consultant, undertook relevant research and made a proposal to Seetec which was accepted. A bespoke programme with full consultation with the parties concerned was developed, followed by training to Seetec employees across the country. The content included:

Overview of definitions of mental health diagnosis, treatment plans and issues covering;

  • Schizophrenia,
  • Bi-Polar
  • Depression

Two aspects of diagnosis and treatment plan;

  • Neurosis – where a person is in touch with day to day reality, e.g. depression, anxiety states, post trauma syndrome.
  • Psychosis – reality may be distorted e.g. schizophrenia, personality disorders, OCD etc

Features and overview of;

  • Autism
  • Asbergers Syndrome
  • Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Holistic Model of Managing an individual with mental health /disability issues in the workplace

Issues for Recruitment Staff;

  • Rapport building, communication and interviewing with MH clients
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour
  • Addressing health concerns sensitively
  • Giving client, control over back to work transition process and sustaining work commitment
  • Boundaries of responsibility – balance between full support with work function and staff safety
  • Legal perspective, Discrimination and Employment Laws
  • Staff Stress and coping strategies and support with this
  • Any other issues identified by delegates at start of programme or through group work

Countryside Council of Wales

Aum-clients---countryside-for-walesCountryside Council of Wales (CCW)

Resilience Training and Stress Focus groups

In 2008 CCW ran a Building Resilience and Reducing Stress project across all their branches in Wales. A bespoke Resilience training course and focus groups were delivered over 6 months at all their units in North, South and Mid Wales. The resilience input was to support employees with changes and challenges within the organisation and focus groups to identify future issues and policies. A report was compiled after every session on the findings from the focus groups and feedback from delegates.

The whole project was run in collaboration with their HR department who collated the findings to inform future policy and procedures on staff and manager wellbeing.

Wolverhampton Homes

Aum-clients---wolverhampton-homesWolverhampton Homes

Managers Managing Stress and Stress Management

This work was carried out in collaboration with a major stress management consultancy in UK.
Our perception was that we were having an initial introductory meeting with the head of Health and Safety. However, half way through this meeting we were informed that we had 10 minutes before our presentation to the whole of the Health and safety Committee. Despite this gap in communication and lack of relevant training aids we secured an opportunity to run a pilot Managers Managing Stress Course and eventually a contract to cascade Stress Awareness training to all strata of employees including office staff, plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators.

National Institute of Continuing Adult Education

aum-clients--niaceNational Institute of Continuing Adult Education (NIACE) – Leicester

Stress Management for employees

This work came via another stress consultancy. Initially there was a meeting with the Training and HR departmental heads followed by successful training delivery to staff across Leicester over 6 months. The content included understanding the concept of stress, short and long term symptoms of stress and a range of coping strategies such as assertiveness skills, time management, diet and lifestyle changes and relaxation practice.

Liverpool Hope University

Aum-clients---liverpool-hope-universityLiverpool Hope University

Managers Managing Stress

This work came via another consultancy and involved the delivery of several one day courses for all managers in the organisation over 3 months. The content included:

  • Business case for addressing stress within the university
  • How to identify stress in staff, the short and long term symptoms
  • Organisational factors and costs of stress
  • Stress and the Law, manager’s legal duty towards addressing welfare and care of staff
  • Management tools and techniques to support self and stressed employees
  • Organisational policies and procedures

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