Accelerated Change Management Course

Is there fear and uncertainty about change?
Are you facing difficult change?
Do you want to learn simple and powerful techniques to manage change?
Do you want positive outcomes from change?

Accelerated Change Management Course

Most things in life and at work change, very little remains the same. Some of these changes we hardly notice, some we can manage easily, but some turn our lives upside down. This course is about facing difficult change at home and at work, minimizing the stress and accelerating positive outcomes from it. The added bonus from this course is how you can learn and grow and turn the change to your advantage.

  • Who Can Benefit?

    • Individuals experiencing difficult changes
    • Organisations, groups and teams experiencing changes that prohibit them from working to their full potential
    • People wishing to prepare for upcoming change
  • Main Benefits

    • Understanding personal reactions to change
    • Understanding organisational approach to change
    • Learn about different stages of the change process
    • Learn emotional and cognitive responses to change
    • Learn to take control with major and difficult changes
    • Practice powerful techniques to manage change and build resilience
    • Have an opportunity to apply learning to real situations
    • Consolidate learning
    • Build ability to approach future changes with confidence
  • Course Content

    • Change and your personality
    • The stages and process of change
    • Emotional and cognitive aspects of change
    • Application of the 4 C Model
    • Bonus skills
  • Attendees and Duration

    1 day duration – maximum of 15 delegates to gain the most from this course.
    The content can also be delivered for an individual in a one to one coaching format.

  • Summary

    The delivery of the course is a stimulating and interactive mix of western and eastern concepts, which will enable discussions at depth from a holistic perspective. There is also opportunity to explore options and solutions and practice techniques presented. The delegates will take away a comprehensive workbook which will be a resource for the rest of their lives, to enable them to maintain optimum levels of resilience.

  • Supporting Materials and Follow Up

    We will be delighted to offer a short follow up session in 3-6 months time at a subsidised rate to support you with revisiting and reinforcing the course content, as well as developing online/written materials on this topic.

We can use the change process to maximise benefits and minimise negative impacts. Our course take you through 5 simple steps that will help you to manage change with confidence and build resilience generally at the same time.  Our course empowers you to do this by understanding change, processing change and enabling positive resilient outcomes.

All our courses have a unique resilience building approach, aiming to maximise your personal and corporate peak potential.

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