Total Well-being Course

Well-being is not a difficult concept.
We can all relate to it – the ability to be calm,
healthy, creative, happy and fulfilled within ourselves.

Total Well-being Course

“The cost and the content of the day for 15 people was value packed.”

Well-being is not a difficult concept. We can all relate to it – the ability to be calm, healthy, creative, happy and fulfilled within ourselves. This has a direct impact on the people we love and are important to us.

Most people may believe that it is not possible to be in this state most of our lives but by reaching out for it, well-being will be yours for keeps. All you have to do is reach for it and it’s yours!

Our unique course is based on Eastern Ayurveda Principles, which enhance well-being in tune with the natural rhythms and elements of the seasons in relation to your body type. We all have different body types, and what can be good for one person may not enhance the well-being of another person. This course will initially identify your body type, before guiding you to develop and modify daily practices to optimise your well-being.


    We also provide organisation wide Well-Being packages. These are tailored to the unique needs of each organisation and can include some of the following, as well as written guidance material and the development of a Well Being Policy:

    Relaxation and Meditation Practice in groups
    Yoga/Pilates/Zumba classes.
    Nutrition and Life style- Living in rhythm with nature approach.
    Exercise- without the need for gym membership.
    Smoking Cessation
    Overcoming Alcohol addictions
    Onsite office massage.

  • Who Can Benefit?

    Everyone !

  • Main Benefits

    • Learn your Body Type
    • Learn the 5 elements and rhythms of nature in relation to well-being
    • Learn to make time for well-being everyday
    • Learn simple, powerful techniques that enhance well-being
    • Learn to integrate more physical activity into your day, without joining a gym!
    • Develop more healthy eating patterns and keep this up
    • Learn which foods are good and bad for you
    • Adjust your diet so it is in tune with your body clock
    • Be more confident and believe more in yourself
    • Enhance health and relationships
    • Develop your support network in all areas of your life
  • Course Content

    • Questionnaire to determine your Body Type
    • Develop attitudes that enhance well-being
    • Diet – What foods to eat, when, how and in what quantity according to your Body Type
    • Exercise – the right exercise for your body type and rhythm, without gym membership!
    • Practice a range of breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. Identify the right techniques for your Body Type
    • Develop your support mechanism
    • Action Plan and take away workbook
  • Attendees and Duration

    1 day duration – maximum of 15 delegates to gain the most from this course.
    The content can also be delivered for an individual in a one to one coaching format.

  • Summary

    The delivery of the course is a stimulating and interactive mix of western and eastern concepts, which will enable discussions at depth from a holistic perspective. There is also opportunity to explore options and solutions and practice techniques presented. The delegates will take away a comprehensive workbook which will be a resource for the rest of their lives, to enable them to maintain optimum well-being.

  • Supporting Materials and Follow Up

    We will be delighted to offer a short follow up session in 3-6 months time at a subsidised rate to support you with revisiting and reinforcing the course content, as well as developing online/written materials on this topic.

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