Time Management Course

Too much to do and not enough time?
Forced to rush jobs?
Do not know how to make time?
Cannot stop procrastination?
Want to reduce pressure in simple and straightforward ways?

Time Management Course

“This was exactly the right intervention for me and was targeted exactly at my unique needs.”

Time management is about managing ourselves effectively and the use of our time. These skills can be learned and being able to stay in control of our working day means the day will be less stressful, more enjoyable and productive. Also, time is money so it makes sense to spend it wisely.

  • Who Can Benefit?

    Anyone who wants to save time, improve their performance and reduce the pressure they are under by managing themselves more effectively. These can be anyone from senior managers to administrators, front-line workers.

  • Main Benefits

    • Understand principles of time management
    • Eliminate time wasting activities
    • Manage time more effectively in a stress free and organised manner
    • Learn a range of tools and techniques to simplify managing of time and increasing productivity in less time
    • Learn to create and save time effectively in a high pressure routine
    • Overcome procrastination and maximize motivation
    • Improve skills of planning and prioritizing
    • Learn to set clear goals, turning vision to action
    • Learn to say no diplomatically
  • Course Content

    • Time management questionnaire
    • Balancing demands and resources
    • Guidelines on coping with time pressure
    • How to create more time
    • Prioritisation grid – urgent versus important -the four D’s
    • Summary of do’s and don’ts of creating time
    • Action steps for using your time constructively
    • Law of least effort – maximum output with minimum effort
    • Hard time vs. soft time
    • Work life balance
    • Managing meetings effectively
    • Planning – long term and short term goal setting and exercise
    • Simple steps to assertiveness
    • Building confidence in saying no – identify a situation where you said yes when wanting to say no, and the implications of that
    • Dealing with people who steal your time
    • Effective delegation
    • Simple yet powerful techniques for dealing with stress
    • Case studies
    • Personal action planning

    By the end of the day participants would have created time in their busy routines for accelerated self and professional development.

  • Attendees and Duration

    1 day duration – maximum of 15 delegates to gain the most from this course.
    The content can also be delivered for an individual in a one to one coaching format.

  • Summary

    The delivery of the course is a stimulating and interactive mix of western and eastern concepts, which will enable discussions at depth from a holistic perspective. There is also opportunity to explore options and solutions and practice techniques presented. The delegates will take away a comprehensive workbook which will be a resource for the rest of their lives, to enable them to maintain optimum control of their time.

  • Supporting Materials and Follow Up

    We will be delighted to offer a short follow up session in 3-6 months time at a subsidised rate to support you with revisiting and reinforcing the course content as well as developing online/written materials on this topic.

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