First things first: it works!
Around 80-85% of cases that enter mediation are successfully resolved needing no further formal action.
There are a number of other benefits from pursuing this informal route:

Mediation Services

Why should your organisation consider mediation?

First things first: it works! Around 80-85% of cases that enter mediation are successfully resolved needing no further formal action. There are a number of other benefits from pursuing this informal route:

  • Speed

    Mediation can resolve conflict swiftly as even the most complex case (i.e. group mediation) can be resolved within 1-2 days avoiding the lengthy timescales involved in litigation or formal processes.

  • Cost

    Mediation is a confidential process and as such does not reach the public domain. This can be hugely important in protecting your organisations reputation and image. The average cost for an employer to defend themselves at Employment Tribunal as £8,500. Just one case being successfully resolved through mediation could save your organisation significant sums of money.

  • Long Term Solution

    Mediation fosters ongoing working relationships allowing disputing colleagues to continue working with each other. A formal/legal process would render this unlikely and in many cases impossible. A successful mediation means there is no loser (win/win) this helps to foster positive working relationships.

  • Informal

    All though often an intense and difficult process mediation is carried out in a relaxed and safe setting often allowing a process of collaboration and negotiation that is not possible in a formal process.

  • Productivity/Absenteeism

    With even the most complex cases often being resolved with 1-2 days there is a direct benefit to your organisation’s productivity by allowing colleagues to move on constructively from conflict and in certain cases enabling absent staff to return to work at a much earlier point.

Our mission is to help your business to perform, to avoid conflict at work and to minimise the impact it can have on a personal, professional, business and financial level. We provide Mediation Services tailored to you – this ranges from the provision of an ongoing mediation service on your behalf, to helping your organisation build capability to resolve conflict informally and internally so you can provide your own in-house.

This is how it works:

  • 1. Conflict issue is highlighted.

  • 2. Contact AUM Consultancy for a free consultation

  • 3. Meeting with you to explain mediation process

  • 4. Individual Meeting with 2 parties

    – Encourages individual engagement in the process
    – To ensure ground rules are accepted and adhered to
    – Effective and positive non abusive communication is used
    – Allay any concerns
    – Adherence to agreements made by both parties

  • 5. Three way meeting with mediator and both parties, during which issues and solutions are explored

  • 6. Conclusion and report

Bespoke Mediation Service

Our team of accredited mediators are equipped to deal with all types of conflict/dispute. Each mediator has a minimum of 5 years mediation experience dealing with workplace conflict amongst individuals and teams/groups.

What sort of cases can we deal with?

In short most types of workplace conflict can be mediated; however we can provide advice on whether a case can be mediated via our free mediation assessment service.

Typical cases that we have provided mediation for include:

  • Conflict between peers
  • Conflict between manager/member of staff
  • Conflict between senior managers
  • Group or team mediations
  • Bullying, harassment and/or discrimination
  • Conflict between an employee and a 3rd party (e.g. contracted services)
  • Change resistance (working patterns, work content)
  • Staff appraisal disputes

Get in touch for a free mediation assessment on whether your dispute could be settled through mediation.

Mediation Skills Training

Our 1 day programme aims to build capability among your managers in using mediation skills to resolve workplace conflict. The programme is suitable for all managers and HR professionals, introduces delegates to the use of practical mediation techniques based on a recognised mediation model. All training is delivered by accredited and experienced mediators.

Mediation Consultancy

We can help you design and introduce a mediation service in your organisation. This will range from how to build informal resolution into complaints/grievance policies, to how your organisation monitors the usage and effectiveness of mediation.

Our mediation process has a unique approach, aiming to maximise your personal and corporate potential.

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