Management and Leadership Skills Course

“Health and well-being initiatives are pointless
unless companies address leadership and line management problems”

Management and Leadership Skills Course

“Highly Beneficial to me as a manager for both my personal and professional development.”

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have made a strong link between the effectiveness of workplace teams with the level of Management Skills. They have developed the ‘Management Competency Indicator Tool’ which is designed to allow you to assess whether the behaviours identified as effective for preventing and reducing stress at work are part of your management repertoire or not.

“Health and well-being initiatives are pointless unless companies address leadership and line management problems”

according to former national director for health and work, Dame Carol Black.

Dame Carol, who co-authored the Sickness Absence Review, said it is often the quality of line management that keeps people out of work rather than mild mental health problems and musculoskeletal conditions, which she said are “symptoms” rather than medical diseases”

  • Who Can Benefit?

    Any manager or supervisor aiming to enhance their reputation and respect in their role.

  • Main Benefits

    • Build resilience in a high pressure work setting
    • Lead your team resiliently in the current uncertain economic climate
    • Manage difficult emotions
    • Learn powerful communication skills
    • Manage workloads effectively
    • Learn to solve problems easily
    • Manage conflict with confidence
    • Enhance work relationships
    • Empower and motivate employees
    • Enhance your reputation and respect as a manager
  • Course Content

    • Developing Integrity
    • Managing Emotions
    • Communication Skills
    • Proactive Work Management
    • Problem Solving
    • Empowering Employees
    • Developing Healthy Boundaries
    • Empathetic Engagement
    • Managing Conflict
    • Establishing support networks
  • Attendees and Duration

    1 day duration – maximum of 15 delegates to gain the most from this course.
    The content can also be delivered for an individual in a one to one coaching format.

  • Summary

    The delivery of the course is a stimulating and interactive mix of western and eastern concepts, which will enable discussions at depth from a holistic perspective. There is also opportunity to explore options and solutions and practice techniques presented. The delegates will take away a comprehensive workbook which will be a resource for the rest of their lives.

  • Supporting Materials and Follow Up

    We will be delighted to offer a short follow up session in 3-6 months time at a subsidised rate to support you with revisiting and reinforcing the course content, as well as developing online/written materials on this topic.

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