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Chakraji and Calm Callum

Hansa’s first children’s book is the tale of a young boy’s journey to meet the magical Chakraji. The story uses imaginative storytelling, to help children articulate and manage stressful situations. It’s ideal for parents wanting to introduce their children to mindfulness and stress relief techniques.

The book is the first in the series of 6 Chakraji books. The series introduces a range of different mindfulness-based breathing, relaxation and positive affirmation techniques, to enable children to build a repertoire of coping skills that can help manage stress throughout their life.

Stress to Success For Managers and Employees

A dynamic programme for total wellbeing

In her second book Hansa brings together all the tools and techniques for wellbeing and stress reduction that she has accumulated over her twenty-year career. She skilfully presents these in a twenty-eight-day programme that an individual, employee or manager can easily integrate into their day to day routine.

Stress to Success Stories

To inspire managers and employees to excel

Within the stories in her third book, she shares simple powerful techniques that will help you to live a stress free, healthy and energetic life, as well as encouraging corporate interventions that will optimise effectiveness and productivity within any business or institution.

From Stress to Success

Five Inspirational Stories to overcome workplace stress

In her first book Hansa draws on her extensive experience of working as a Stress and Well-being Consultant with individuals and groups in private, public and voluntary sectors.  The stories are inspired by her day-to-day work and contain powerful messages and simple coping strategies in five different areas:  stress management, resilience building, anger management, mediation and change management.

Best of Three Worlds

A soulful cultural and historical journey across three continents

In her memoir Hansa talks about the values, experiences, mindfulness principles and practices that have helped her to deal with the stressful times in her life and sustain wellbeing, resilience and direction in her life. The lessons learned and practices she adopts are from three continents from which her ancestors originate.

Stress To Success Book Bundle

Stress to Success For Managers and Employees

Stress to Success Stories

From Stress to Success

More books coming soon….

Chakraji and Calm Callum

Chakraji and Relaxed Ravina

Chakraji and Peaceful Peter

We are at present working on a trilogy of books helping children to cope with stress, where we share simple natural techniques, presented in imaginative storytelling picture books. Our children’s illustrator is putting her heart and soul in this at present.

To register your interest in these books, contact us.

Coping in a Crisis – Our free digital book is here for all our clients and potential clients.

Managers Managing Mental Health and Wealth is complimentary  to managers who committ with us in saving costs lost through stress and mental health issues and love mindfulness based ways of improving their work culture and Corporate Resilience.

The techniques we promote in our books are a unique blend of mindfulness based Eastern and Western influences.

How our books were born

Aum Wellbeing Books came about from the desire to reach out to a wider audience. The books share scientifically proven mindfulness-based interventions, which have helped our clients to be stress free and successful.

The first book ‘Stress to Success’ was born when we wrote a successful outcome for a client as a case study . This was written honouring the confidentiality of the content and protecting the identity of the client. Several other similar case studies with positive outcomes featured in our newsletters.

One day, our Business Manager had a light bulb moment about collating these into a book. He researched the book publishing process and soon after it appeared on Amazon and other outlets.

Our second book was inspired by an intern who was researching stress management/wellbeing techniques. She gathered all the techniques we had used in our 20 year career.  That content was formatted into a 28 day programme for our clients and published as the next book.

Book three’ Stress to Success stories’ is intended as a sequel to the first book and materialised under similar circumstances.

The intention is that we will continue publishing more books. We are inspired daily by the work with our clients, whether it is on a one to one or organisation basis. The more they gain, the more we are passionate about sharing these stories. The more we want to reach out and carry on unleashing positive seismic changes……..

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