‘From Stress to Success’

The Book

‘From Stress to Success’ – the book

by Hansa Pankhania
Five inspirational stories of overcoming workplace stress.

Simple powerful techniques that can be easily integrated in a busy high pressure routine.

(Paperback and kindle – available on Amazon)

“From Stress to Success” is a compilation of short stories that focus on real life stress related problems and looks at techniques that can be used to combat stress and ensure you are reaching your peak potential. Rather than just writing a textbook, we wanted to make it more accessible and user friendly. So instead of endless pages of drab prose, we’ve written a series of stories that people can identify with and learn from.

It includes five short stories that focus on specific issues concerning stress in the workplace. Whilst the stories are fictional, they are drawn from real life scenarios and feature practical, useable tips and exercises that everyone will benefit from. Each tale takes the protagonist on a journey from Stress to Success using tried and tested methods. The areas we cover are resilience building, change management, mediation, anger management and workplace stress management.

Real life situations and real life interventions, written with our first-hand knowledge.

I feel confident that you will find something in this book that will have the power of unleashing positive changes in your work and home life.

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It demystifies some of the tools and techniques that can be used by resilience coaches. I particularly liked the case study on change as it compared and contrasted two approaches.

Ms. J. M. Clark

This book has given me plenty of perspective, exercises that I can use to manage and improve my situation.

J Bhardwa

I will recommend this book to and in reading it I also thought about one of my client’s presenting issues in a different way.

Mrs D J Laxton

A great insight into stress that we all experience but don’t realize we have.


A very good book, very easy read and illustrated, complex concepts in plain English with easy to follow advice. Very well written.


A clear and definitive way to look at how to create positive changes. I particularly enjoyed reading each story and each intervention used in order to help facilitate the client’s progress. A very easy to read book.

Suki Yip

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