Books by Hansa Pankhania

‘Stress to Success for Managers and Employees’

by Hansa Pankhania

If you have been stressed and struggling in the office and wonder if there is a more productive way to live and work, this book will share skills that you can easily integrate into your day-to-day life. Everything you learn in this book won’t take much time and is easy to practice, yet will enable you to maintain a calm, productive, fulfilling and meaningful existence both in your professional life and at home.

‘From Stress to Success’

by Hansa Pankhania

“From Stress to Success” is a compilation of short stories that focus on real life stress related problems and looks at techniques that can be used to combat stress and ensure you are reaching your peak potential. Rather than just writing a textbook, we wanted to make it more accessible and user friendly. So instead of endless pages of drab prose, we’ve written a series of stories that people can identify with and learn from.

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